Alan Ayckbourn's Haunting Julia

A chilling ghost story
Haunting Julia

Alan Ayckbourn's Haunting Julia

Duncan Preston, Richard O'Callaghan and Joe McFadden star in the first ever UK tour of the critically acclaimed London production of Alan Ackybourne's haunting study of grief, obsession and the supernatural.

This is Alan Ayckbourn as you’ve never seen him before. The wit and masterful insight are all there, but this time in a chilling, thrilling ghost story that will have you jumping out of your seat.

Julia Lukin was a musical prodigy. At 8 years old she was writing symphonies, by the age of 19 the world was at her feet. She had everything, but then her body was discovered in a pool of blood in a dingy attic.

Twelve years have passed and her father Joe (Duncan Preston) has never stopped asking “why?” Was it really suicide? Or was someone else with her on that fateful night? Joe wants answers – and tonight he shall have them…

"I set out originally to create a ghost story but I soon found out I was writing less about ghosts and more about the people they leave behind.  In short, it’s a supernatural love story." Alan Ayckbourn on Haunting Julia.

FREE Post-show discussion - Tue 23 October, after the 7.30pm performance
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Duncan Preston, Richard O'Callaghan and Joe McFadden