Al Harah Theater presents

Conversations with Marina Barham, Al Harah Theater: A Voice for Theater and Culture in Palestine

Mon 22 Jul, 2024

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Mon 22nd July, 7.00pm
Price: £5.00
Join us as Marina Barham, General Director of Al Harah Theater in Bethlehem Palestine, shares the powerful story of Al Harah Theater and its impactful work in Palestine.

Marina will be speaking at venues across the UK, shedding light on the current situation in Palestine and the vital role of theatre in aiding children, young people, and communities in overcoming trauma. This is a unique opportunity for UK audiences to hear first-hand from a Palestinian cultural activist and to explore potential partnerships and collaborations.

About Marina Barham:

Marina Barham is the co-founder and General Director of Al-Harah Theater, with over two decades of experience as a cultural operator in Palestine, the Middle East, and Europe. She has been a leading figure in numerous cultural initiatives and organizations, advocating for social change through the arts.

About Al-Harah Theater:

Al-Harah Theater is dedicated to creating transformative theatre experiences for audiences of all ages. With a commitment to authenticity and accessibility, the theatre tours locally, regionally, and internationally, reaching diverse communities and marginalized areas.

Notable Awards and Networks:

Al-Harah Theater has been recognized with numerous awards for its outstanding contributions to the arts, including Best Director, Best Actor, and Special Awards at various prestigious festivals. The theatre is also a proud member of several local, regional, and international networks, fostering collaboration and exchange.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with Marina Barham and learn about the inspiring work of Al Harah Theater.




Time: 7:00pm


Standard: £5

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Mon 22nd July, 7.00pm
Price: £5.00