A Derby Theatre and Teatro Elsinor co-production

Pleasant Land

Devised by the company with words by Nathan Powell. Directed by Sarah Brigham

Thu 6 Jul, 2023 Archive
A story of identity, belonging and growing up along the way.    

3 presenters will lead us through a Game of Life, putting our identities under the microscope and making sure those boxes we need to fit into are nice and snug!

Our past shapes us but does it define who we become?

This is a game about identity. These are stories about how we identify ourselves and how people identify us. It’s about the identities we choose, it’s about the identities we’ve been given. The ones we love, the ones we hide, the ones we share, the ones we ink onto our skin, the ones we mine and extract, and the ones we try to cremate and bury.

This exciting new production is brought to you in a co-production between Derby Theatre and Teatro Elsinor, Milan.   Expect live music, a few magazine quizzes and a big dose of hope.

Pleasant Land was inspired by the work undertaken with teenagers across the city, in particular Bemrose School.


Derby Theatre, Studio


Time: 9:00pm
Performance duration: 1 hour
Age guidance: 14+

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Tara Christian

Martha Godber

Linh Huynh



Nathan Powell


Sarah Brigham

Assistant Director

Andy Mandoiu

Movement Director

Aishwarya Deshpande


Annamaria Cattaneo


David Coull

Theatre Mediator

Sarah Hailstones

Movement Teacher

Rosamaria Cisneros