University of Derby BA (Hons) Theatre Arts 3rd Year Students present

Theatre Arts Festival: The Showcase

Fri 22 Mar, 2024 Archive
Come and join us for Theatre Arts Festival Week 2024

Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and moved as we celebrate the finest talents from our esteemed Theatre Arts program.

Join us for an unforgettable celebration of creativity, innovation, and raw emotion, as our students take to the stage to showcase their passion and dedication.





Time: 2:00 pm - 8:20 pm
Performance duration: Approx. 6 Hour 20 Mins

Schedule (Matinee)

Doors Open

Oscar Lindley presents

Harmonising Emotions: Exploring the Power of Music in Theatre

Location: Studio
Duration: 30 Minutes

A journey through my personal experiences through performing, and where my connection to music over the spoken word originates.

Short Interval

Becky Hyson and Owen Cartwright present

Robin Hood: An Intercultural Exploration

Location: Studio
Duration: 25 Minutes

Discover the fusion of intercultural theatre and innovative performance techniques in a captivating workshop led by Becky and Owen.

Becky delves into the complexities of intercultural theatre, exploring the challenges faced by student actors as they navigate new theatrical styles.

Meanwhile, Owen delves into the intricate world of breathing techniques, aiming to deepen the connection between actor and puppet in performance.

Together, they’ve crafted a mesmerising non-verbal piece that retells the timeless tale of Robin Hood through the enchanting lens of puppetry, infused with influences from Japanese Noh Theatre.

Join us for a unique and immersive experience where tradition meets innovation, and storytelling transcends boundaries.

Schedule (Evening)

Doors Open

Holly Rushbrooke presents

Things My Wife and I Found Hidden in Our House

Location: Studio
Duration: 20 Minutes

Experience the haunting tale of a lone author as they weave a mesmerising ghost story, brought to life by a single performer. Step into the world of the unknown as the author’s perspective unfolds before your eyes, with Live Foley sound effects intricately woven throughout the performance.

Discover the challenges faced by our storyteller, who not only embodies characters but also performs Live Foley, immersing you in a world where every creak, whisper, and rustle enhances the eerie atmosphere. Delve into the heart of the narrative as you witness first-hand the struggle and artistry of balancing storytelling, character embodiment, and Foley performance.

Short Interval

Teigan Smith presents

The Unfolding

Location: Studio
Duration: 30 Minutes

Embark on a heartfelt journey through the ups and downs of growing up with The Unfolding. This touching production blends physical theatre and absurdism to bring to life the challenges and changes that come with maturing.

Follow our protagonist as they navigate life’s twists and turns, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature. Through expressive movement and symbolism, “The Unfolding” captures the raw emotions and experiences of the journey to adulthood.

Short Interval

Liz Nelson presents

One Shot

Location: Studio
Duration: 30 Minutes

Coffee, quite like the world, is better when’s the waters not boiling.

You want to brew no higher than 96°c to prevent that horrible bitter taste and serve no lower that 50°c degrees to avoid the eye catching glances followed by the “Sorry shug, it’s just stone cold”. It’s a balance, quite like everything. Even if it doesn’t feel like the effort is shared to maintain that equilibrium, preserve the natural eco system. It’s still got to be done.

For her final project, Liz has explored solo theatrical creation, culminating in “One Shot.” This poignant performance delves into climate anxiety and the significance of individual contributions. Join Liz as she embodies this pressing issue, inviting reflection on our collective responsibility.

Short Interval

Bethany Scrimshaw presents

Perspectives Unfolded: An Elephant’s Tale – An Applied Theatre Project for Key Stage 2

Location: Studio
Duration: 20 Minutes

Step into a space filled with fun and observe as the story of the elephant and the various perspectives of its world unfold. Learn about the findings so far from my applied theatre project, which includes a performance and a talk about a workshop that I am going to introduce to Key Stage 2 children. The underlying message in my performance is about understanding different perspectives. In my workshop, I will delve into this concept within the context of disabilities.