University of Derby Students present

There Is A War

Mon 31 May – Fri 4 June 2021 Archive
There is a War, by award-winning writer and actor Tom Basden catapults us through a chaotic landscape immersed in the madness and savagery of war. 

Available to book and view on-demand between Monday 31 May – Friday 4 June 2021 only.

We follow Anne Croft, as she navigates nonsensical encounters with priests, soldiers, activists and entertainers, whilst desperately searching for her place within this war and the hospital she was promised.

Through the use of dark humour, irony, and exaggerated characters, Tom Basden ridicules the concept of war, whilst starkly reminding us of the devastating consequences of the war-torn world we find ourselves in. Will Anne manage to make her way through the chaotic war and find the hospital?


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