Derby Theatre announces recipient of Andy Nairn Bursary in Technical Theatre

Published Tuesday 7th Nov 2023
Derby Theatre is delighted to announce Megan Smith as a recipient of the Andy Nairn Bursaries in Technical Theatre.

The Andy Nairn Bursaries in Technical Theatre, to support, encourage and enable young people to pursue a career in Technical Theatre, was set up by Curve, Derby Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse in 2020. Andy worked at all three venues during his working life, and the bursaries are in honour and memory of their late, dear friend and colleague and his passion for training the technicians of tomorrow.

Andy spent 16 years working in theatres in the Midlands, including Head of Production at Derby Theatre. Whilst he did undertake a degree course, the majority of Andy’s training was from being in a theatre, surrounded by technical staff who passed on their knowledge, experience and skill. During his successful career, Andy worked across the Midlands before taking up the role of Head of Production at Curve theatre in Leicester. At the beginning of 2020, Andy was diagnosed with stage four cancer and sadly passed
away eight months later.

Training the technicians of tomorrow is something that was always close to Andy’s heart, so after his sad passing, the bursary was launched in honour of him, his family and his work. 

Through this incredible opportunity, Derby Theatre has welcomed Megan, whose first professional technical role was working on the current, smash-hit production of Brassed Off. During her time at the Theatre, Megan will also learn about lighting, sound and stagecraft, working on both produced and touring shows. Megan will also undertake specialist training to further her career as a theatre technician. Alongside the training and experience, part of the bursary also ensures that Megan will be provided with the tools and equipment she will need to pursue this as a career, which some people often find a struggle to access when they first start out.

Ele Munn (Technical Manager, Derby Theatre) said:
“We’re very excited to welcome such a passionate and dedicated person to the team, and I am proud that we are able to honour Andy in this way, by supporting Megan to realise and pursue her professional ambitions as a young, emerging theatre technician. Megan has thrown herself into the role and is demonstrating great confidence, skill and ability. I feel confident Megan will thrive in the role and make the most of this incredibly exciting opportunity.”

If you would like to know more about The Andy Nairn Bursaries in Technical Theatre, or make a donation to support a future recipient of the scheme, please contact Laura Winson, Head of Development at Derby Theatre via: