Brassed Off – Tea & Tour

Thu 12 October, 2023
Step behind the curtain at our Brassed Off 'Tea and Tour'

Indulge in a delightful afternoon of culture and behind-the-scenes magic at our exclusive event, ‘Tea and Tour’!

Join us for the matinee performance of the heart-warming and unforgettable play, Brassed Off. (Thu 12 Oct, 2023) Immerse yourself in the powerful storytelling and incredible performances that will transport you to the heart of a small mining town.

But that’s not all! After the final applause, sip on a cup of perfectly brewed tea or coffee as you mingle with fellow art enthusiasts, sharing your thoughts and emotions from the performance.

Then, get ready to explore the secrets of the stage as we take you on a captivating backstage tour. Discover the hidden world of props, costumes, and the intricate workings of the theatre that make the magic happen.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the enchantment of live theatre from both sides of the curtain. Our ‘Tea and Tour’ is the perfect blend of entertainment and insight, making for a truly memorable day out.

Book your tickets now and get ready for a theatrical adventure like no other!

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Main House


Time: 5.00pm
Performance time: 1 hour
Age guidance: 13+


Standard: £5