The Art of Remembrance

Wed 17 May, 2023
Reflection Path in collaboration with Multi-Faith Centre and DerbyCAN invites you to an evening of poetry, conversation and soul-stirring melodies with Barakah Blue, Ustaad Burhaan and guests.

Barakah Blue will be reading from and exploring the journey towards publication of his newly released book, The Art of Remembrance, with Ustaad Burhaan Khandia.


Normanton Library


Time: 5:40 pm - 8:15 pm
Performance time: 2 hours and 35 minutes


Standard: FREE


Guests arrive

Formal welcome & outline of the evening’s programme with Ustaad Burhaan.

Nasheed – (10 mins). AKA (Atta/Kamran/Atiq)

Sam Rushton – DerbyCAN

Geoff Sweeney – Multi-Faith Centre

Intro to Barakah Blue – Ustaad Burhaan

Poetry Recitation 30-45 minutes (interspersed with narrative, commentary, and stories of Baraka’s personal journey).

Conversation and Q&A

Closing statement and thank you – Ustaad Burhaan

Book signing


The Multi Faith Centre works closely with communities in the city and beyond to nurture collaboration. Our vision is a society where the diversity, expertise and richness of faith communities actively contributes to the building of safe, healthy and cohesive neighbourhoods.

Reflection Path is a grassroots charity that was formed over a decade ago with the aim of serving the Derby community. Our focus is to highlight the spiritual, literary, artistic and musical legacy and culture of Islam and its continued relevance and importance in promoting understanding, harmony and cohesion within 21st century multi-cultural Britain.