Derby Youth Theatre presents

Derby Youth Theatre (Double Bill) Years 4 – 6

Angry Little Beasts & Bedtime Stories for Evil Children

Fri 23 Jun - Sat 24 Jun 2023 Archive
A double bill of two new plays for young people, performed by our Years 4-6 Youth Theatre group.

Angry Little Beasts

Harper, Riley and Sam have had enough.

Enough of being forced to eat Auntie Claire’s disgusting cooking. Enough of the Prime Minister spreading ridiculous lies about children like them. Enough of being pushed around by every adult wherever they go!

It’s time to fight back, but they can’t do it alone.

Who will join them in their mission for justice? Will you join them?


Bedtime Stories for Evil Children

There is a House at the end of Goosebump Lane. While children play in the streets below, an old woman watches, and waits. When one of those children breaks her window, however, it all gets just a bit too much…

Prepare yourself for tales of magic, mayhem, madness, and Mr Nomed, the very normal owner of a very normal coffee shop.

A warning, however! These aren’t just any old Bedtime Stories…





Time: 6:30pm & 2:30pm