Derby Youth Theatre presents

Derby Youth Theatre (Double Bill) Years 7 – 9

The Stolen Golden Trainers & Cowboys, Ambulances, Alternative Universe and Batman

Fri 16 Jun - Sat 17 Jun 2023 Archive
A double bill of two new plays for young people, performed by our Years 7-9 Youth Theatre group.

The Stolen Golden Trainers

Welcome to the Most Influential Influencers Award Ceremony 2023. The stage is set and all the stars are out. When it is discovered that the mega famous golden trainers worn by the most famous TikTok influencer ever are missing.

Who can solve the case? Who will win the awards? And why are there a group of old aged pensioners stumbling around the ceremony?

A show about influence, appearances and fame.


Cowboys, Ambulances, Alternate Universes and Batman

Just a normal day for a teenager.

You find yourself in the Wild West, shooting down rivals. You struggle with a conspiracy of power, deceit and control. You fall through a sinkhole and come out in a different world. You are trapped in an endless series of lectures from increasingly bizarre people.

We’ve all been there. Haven’t we?




Time: 6:30pm & 2:30pm