In Other Words

A Play by Matthew Seager

Fri 6 Oct, 2023 Archive
Connected by the music of Frank Sinatra, this intimate, humorous and deeply moving love story explores the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and the transformative power of music in our lives.

‘I know what you’re thinking…That didn’t start well, did it?’

They call it ‘the incident’ now. What happened when they first met. He always said it was part of his ‘romantic plan’, but they both know that’s rubbish.

Join Arthur and Jane, at the beginning, as they tell us their story.

Brought to life by two actors, we are led through fifty years of Arthur and Jane’s relationship, jumping in and out of memories and experiencing, for brief moments, a failing mind as it loses its grip on reality.

In Other Words has more than 20 four and five-star reviews and is the English language original of 4x Moliere Award winning Oublie Moi.




Time: 8:00pm
Age guidance: 12+
Advisories: Contains flashing lights and explores themes associated with advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.