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Puppet Theatre Tutorial 1 – How To Get Started

Published Friday 5th June 2020
In the Reimagine: Family Creatives video series, brilliant theatre designer and artist Connie will guide through how to make your very own puppet theatre.


You will need:

  1. A box
  2. A ruler or something to measure with.
  3. A pen
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Tape


1) Take your box.  Using a ruler mark 2cm in from each of the short edges. Draw a line to mark these.

2) Next we are going to cut out the centre and top sections of the box.

If you’re using scissors or something sharp to cut with – make sure you have an adult there to help. Or you could ask them do it for you!

Start by cutting off one of the long sides of the box.

3) Stick the top back together so it holds it’s shape.

4) Now cut along both the lines you’ve drawn.

5) Fold the front down, and cut along the fold to remove this.

Family Creatives Puppet 1

6) Tear up some strips of paper (any sort of paper will do). You’ll need quite a few.

7) Take some glue.

Glue your strips of paper all over the outside of your box. This will hide anything printed on the box, and make it stronger.

Puppet Theatre Instructions

8) Now you’ve built your very own puppet theatre, join us in the next film for How To Create A Set.

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