Ava Hunt Theatre (CIO) presents

A Slight Ache

A play by Harold Pinter

Sat 6 Jul, 2024 Archive
A team of seasoned Derbyshire artists bring this funny, disturbing, and powerful play to the stage, beautifully celebrating Pinter’s fascination with the interloper.

On the longest day of the year …

At height of summer …

On the surface everything appears to be perfect in Edward and Flora’s life…
But the presence of a supposedly innocent Matchseller, triggers a series of revelations, and their lives will never be the same again.

A Slight Ache is a dark comedy that tells the story of an older couple living in a rural area, whose marriage is disrupted by an external force – a Matchseller. The Matchseller’s presence beyond the garden gate, and again once invited into their home, slowly, silently, contributes to the marriage’s demise.

This one act play will be accompanied by a Question & Answer session, creating a space for dialogue and reflecting on the themes raised: such as class and sexual violence, and the artistic processes of the company.

Based in rural Derbyshire, Ava Hunt Theatre (CIO) – is an Award Winning company with a commitment to creating stimulating, high quality theatre and workshops for community audiences and young people.




Time: 7.30pm
Age guidance: 16+
Advisories: Contains references to historical sexual violence.

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