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Alastair Campbell: But What Can I Do?

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Fri 19 May, 2023 Archive
In recent years we have experienced political turbulence in ways we could never imagine.  We have leaders who can't - or shouldn't be allowed - to lead, policies that serve the interests of the privileged few, governments that lie and seek to undermine our democratic values. 

It’s no surprise that so many of us feel frustrated, let down and drawn to ask, ‘But what can I do?’

Headshot of Alastair Campbell

It’s a question regularly posed to Alastair Campbell, one of our most influential political commentators and strategists, not least in reaction to The Rest is Politics, the chart-topping podcast he presents with former Tory Cabinet minister Rory Stewart. His answer, typically, is forthright and impassioned. We cannot afford to stand on the sidelines. If we think things need to change, then we need to change them, and that means getting involved.

In his latest book he draws on his long experience to offer practical tips on putting together and leading a campaign team.


Main House


Time: 10:00am
Performance duration: 1 hour 15 mins