John Booker presents

Bwoy Dem

A Rehearsed Reading followed by a Post-show Discussion

Fri 7 Jul, 2023 Archive
Bwoy Dem is a punchy, dark and comedic two-hander that deals with themes of race, black masculinity, police brutality and what happens when one man is pushed to breaking point.

Errol, a patois speaking, Jamaican born man raised in the UK from the age of 8, has been in and out of prison his whole life due to various incidents. Errol believes that he has been constantly harassed by the police through no wrongdoing of his own. Having finished his most recent prison sentence, Errol comes out of prison to find his ex-girlfriend/mother of his children is now dating a police officer. This is the final straw, with the love of his life now with another man and his children all under the same roof, Errol has little to live for and decides to take revenge on the police for destroying his life. Errol then contacts his intrepid yet naive confidant Zac, a mixed-race working-class lad from Derby whose life prospects aren’t looking that bright. Zac agrees to help him in his revenge, as Errol hunts down police officers with young Zac as his getaway driver.


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Time: 2:30pm
Performance duration: 2 hours
Age guidance: 16+
Advisories: Contains sexual references, strong language, police violence and brutality, themes of racism and grief.