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Sat 18 Mar, 2023 Archive
Inspired by true stories and events of the 1970s, Daffodils explores what happens to a community in crisis, and the impact this has on the young people who call that place 'home'.

In a small mining village in Derbyshire, childhood best friends, Matt and Will, have the world below their feet. Family tradition means a life in the pits, slogging away at the ‘best brights’, searching for precious coal. As tensions begin to boil above and below the earth’s surface, the arrival of a new face divides a community. Loyalties are shattered, picket lines are drawn, which side will you fall?

Daffodils is co-devised and co-written by Derby Theatre’s Site-Specific Youth Theatre group.

Please be aware this performance is being held at The Roundhouse NOT at Derby Theatre.

See venue information:



The Roundhouse


Time: 2:30pm & 5:30pm
Performance duration: 65 mins