As part of NT Connections Festival 2023

Double Bill: Old Times & Strangers Like Me

Sat 22 Apr, 2023 Archive
Dudley College & Derby Theatre Youth Group perform at Derby Theatre as part of NT Connections Festival 2023.

Old Times

by Molly Taylor

Twins Stefi and Zafer are about to turn 18. However, life is throwing up complications: Zafer is ill and Stefi is scared their past is about to catch up with them.

Five years ago, Stefi, Zafer and their friends were involved in the murder of a policeman. Only one of them was accused and convicted: well-known trouble-maker and ‘bad kid’ Tom Joy.

When Stefi finds out Tom Joy has been released from prison, she fears he will be out for revenge and decides it’s time to get the gang back together. Stefi has a plan to protect them all, but will they ever be able to move on?

Content Guidance:

  • Recommended for ages 14+
  • References to cancer.
  • Moderate language and two instances of strong language.
  • Reference to the stabbing of a character (unseen, offstage).
  • A brief reference to substance abuse.

Strangers Like Me

by Ed Harris

Elbow’s best friend, Hamster, has unexpectedly died. Everyone expects Elbow to be grieving… right?  But Elbow isn’t sure how to do it.

Privately, Elbow is beginning to feel they weren’t even as close as everyone makes out. It would be better if everyone just left Elbow alone – his mum, dad, stupid big brother, Donut, but especially all those annoying kids at school pretending they really care by writing poems, singing songs and holding a vigil at Elbow and Hamster’s favourite meeting place. Who do they think they are?

Elbow doesn’t know. He just has a strange feeling inside – an absence of feeling at all.

Content Guidance:

  • Recommended for ages 14+
  • Play explores responses to the death of a friend of the lead character (unseen, offstage).
  • Strong language.
  • In a non-naturalistic scene, one character – who is the embodiment of part of the lead character’s psyche – has their tongue ripped out. It is then reattached later in the play.


Main House


Time: Dudley College: 7:00 - 8:00 pm, Derby Theatre: 8:20 - 9:20 pm
Performance duration: 2 hours 20 mins
Age guidance: 14+
Advisories: **show specific**
**Please be aware, these time are approximate**