As part of NT Connections Festival 2024

Double Bill: Wind/Rush Generation(s) & Sad Club

Fri 26 Apr, 2024 Archive
Burton & South Derbyshire College & Rugby Connected Youth Theatre perform at Derby Theatre as part of NT Connections Festival 2024.

WIND/RUSH GENERATION(S) by Mojisola Adebayo

This is a play about the British Isles, its past and its present. Set in a senior common room, in a prominent university, a group of first year undergraduates are troubled, not by the weight of their workload, but by a ‘noisy’ ghost. So they do what any group self-respecting and intelligent university students would do in such a situation – they get out the Ouija Board to confront their spiritual irritant and lay them to rest – only to be confronted by the full weight of Britain’s colonial past – in all its gory glory. However, if you think you know about British history, Empire, slavery, economics, racism and humanity, then this play might get you to think again. As the planch on the Ouija Board skates from letter to letter at an ever increasing breakneck speed, the students are catapulted through space and time, witnessing the injustices, incongruities and inhumanity of the past. This is a smorgasbord of genres and styles. Fusing naturalism, with physical theatre, spoken-word, absurdism, poetry and direct address – this is event-theatre that whips along with the grace, pace and the hypnotic magnetism of a hurricane.

Content Guidance:

  • Recommended for ages 15+
  •  Strong and graphic language including:
  • Racially abusive language – including the ‘N word’
  • Language describing the racially motivated abuse of power and violations and attacks
  • References to colonialism
  • References to genocide
  • References to Human Rights abuse
  • Allusions to gun violence

THE SAD CLUB by Luke Barnes

This is a musical about depression and anxiety. It’s a collection of monologues, songs and duologues from all over time and space exploring what about living in this world stops us from being happy and how we might go about tackling those problems.

Content Guidance:

  • Recommended for ages 15+
  • Themes of mental health
  • Strong language
  • References to sex
  • Underage drinking


Main House


Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Performance duration: 2 hours 30 mins
Age guidance: 13+
Advisories: **show specific**
**Please be aware, these times are approximate**