University of Derby Students present

Drink The Mercury

Wed 24 February – Fri 19 March 2021 Archive
A performance that will reveal the importance of fighting for what is right and having the bravery to do so no matter the odds.

Many years ago, dark and sickening times truly befell a small Japanese Village named Minamata. Many of the people in the village grew sick and weak, dying of a disease known as the “Mercury Disease”.

This story follows the life of a little girl known as Ioka, who was only nine years old and one of these unfortunate victims. The ones responsible for all this sickness and death are known as the Chisso Factory Corporation, contaminating the waters of the village, poisoning the fish that inhabited the water with the chemical “Mercury”.

This is a true story that demonstrates and embodies the power of greed and how it leads us to do truly unforgivable acts, but also unity and bravery in adversity showing no matter how strong the enemy may be, you must never give up hope. Where alone we are not much of a threat but together, we are a force to be feared.

Drink The Mercury  will demonstrate that there are many cultures outside our own society, different meanings and the different living/mystical beings, and the ideals that they represent through the use of the historical art of masks. Children will have the opportunity to both learn and be a part of this performance inspiring their creativity and just what amazing things can come out of allowing yourself to use it in everyday life, in no matter what you choose to do.

Directed by Nathan Powell, this free online performance is brought to you by University of Derby students.