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Film Festival

Fri 3 Nov, 2023 Archive
Step into the world of creativity and talent with Derby CAN's commissioned films. Awarded to 9 local creatives in April 2023, these cinematic gems are now gracing the screens of 3 venues across the city.

Join Derby Theatre for an enchanting evening, celebrating the vibrant storytelling and unique perspectives that make Derby’s creative scene truly exceptional. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the magic of local talent brought to life on the big screen.

Project Me-Eco: Only The Stars Know

by Moiz Siddiqi and Sana Mirza

What is success? What happens when you take away the job title, or the salary, or the nice car or the big house with a garden?

Only The Stars Know follows the South Asian mental health story of a Pakistani boy as he balances his crazy career, business and mental health struggles. He finds it difficult to open up except when stargazing, he finds solace and comfort in talking to the stars for hours.

Join us at the premiere for Only The Stars Know as we challenge and break generational, societal and cultural perceptions and expectations of success and mental health.

Advisories: Content addresses sensitive topics related to mental health, such as self-harm, suicide loss, and eating disorders. Viewer discretion is advised, as there may be imagery that could be triggering or difficult for some audience members. Please be aware that this material might not be suitable for all ages, although our intent is to inform and raise awareness in a supportive and informative manner. No specific age guidance is provided.

RUNTIME: 30 Minutes

Creativity and Me

by Tanvir Akram

Creativity and Me follows six creatives exploring how they use their creativity, be it, poetry, music, dance or art to express what they suppress. How it can be a form of catharsis that helps us to reveal what our tongue cannot say.

Advisories: Viewer discretion is advised; there are no specific age restrictions, but it’s important to note that one artist does discuss past suicidal thoughts. Consideration for a trigger warning may be necessary.

RUNTIME: 27 Minutes

Gay Up Mi Duck: Queer Derby

by Liam Valentine

Gay Up Mi Duck is an exploration of the lives of LGBT+ people in Derby. We asked the community to share their experiences with us, what their thoughts are on the current climate for LGBT+ people and what their hopes are for the future.

Advisories: This film explores themes of identity, life experiences related to gender and sexuality, and the journey of discovering one’s place in today’s society—especially in Derby. – Trigger warnings include descriptions of homophobia, transphobia, racism and violence.

RUNTIME: 40 Minutes


Main House


Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Performance duration: 3 hours


Showing of…

Project Me-Eco: Only The Stars Know

Q&A with…

Moiz Siddiqi and Sana Mirza


Showing of…

Creativity and Me

Showing of…

Gay Up Mi Duck: Queer Derby

Q&A with…

Tanvir Akram and Liam Valentine

Festival finish.