Performance Premiere Double Bill

Riverside: Culture Cares 2021

Mon 15 November 2021 Archive
Culture Cares Performance Premiere was a special double bill show featuring Destinies and the Arts Council England-commissioned Plus One performance, Riverside.

About Destinies

Destinies is a co-creation project with looked-after young people and unaccompanied asylum seekers.

Working in partnership with Derbyshire Virtual School, Sinfonia Viva and Orchestras Live, Destinies evolved over a two-year period into a filmed theatre performance, with integrated animation, songs, and music composition.

This premiere screening at Derby Theatre’s Culture Care Conference, also won the Arts & Culture Award for Children and Young People Now 2020.

Destinies is a story of hope – telling the stories of six young characters who find friendship on the streets of Derby – “it’s better to be friends together than strangers alone.”

About Riverside – Plus One Performance

The Plus One Performance has been commissioned by Arts Council England to create a show with care-experienced young people that tells its audience about their experience of the care system.

Director, Toni Mcelhatton (Curious Monkey) and writer Laura Lindow (Northern Stage and Theatre Hullabaloo) have worked with a group of care-experienced young people in Derby to explore their ideas and co-create this exciting show.

Young people in the care system have something to say.  They want us to know that they are more than just a case file written by someone else. Set on Derby’s riverside, (only not as you know it), this magical story takes us on a dive underwater as we follow 3 characters on a journey of courage, self-discovery and resilience. Accompanied by 2 bickering Sea Turtles the trio prove that they can face down their demons and become authors of their own narratives.

‘It’s a fairy tale if you like. A Once Upon A Time.  But if you take a moment and look closely then you’ll see that at heart of this riddle, there is truth.’

The Plus One Performance will also be performed as part of the Culture Cares Conference on Tuesday 16 November, sitting at the heart of the conference about how the arts and the care sector can work together to make things better.


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