Unanima Theatre presents

State of Independence

Fri 23 Sep, 2022 Archive
Journey through the tensions and frustrations of being labelled learning-disabled and autistic. How you are ignored, and how this affects your identity and place in society today.

Witness how that label prevents you from getting a job, taken seriously, or even getting laid! The struggle is real people.

Join Unanima’s company of witty storytellers as they make you laugh out loud, shed a tear and get your blood boiling.

The cast are exclusively learning-disabled and autistic and use a collaborative devising process to create witty, provocative theatre based on their lives, experiences and questions about the world and their existence within it.

They are becoming increasingly intolerant of being segregated, overlooked and infantilised by society and will continue to produce art that sparks solutions until this has stopped.


Derby Theatre Main House


Time: 7:30pm
Performance duration: 50 minutes (+ post-show Q&A)
Age guidance: 14+
Advisories: Contains explicit language