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Tue 30 Apr - Wed 1 May, 2024 Archive
Drawing on the personal narratives of its company of refugee actors, ‘Tender’ moves between the UK and home countries to explore the true cost of the migration journey for those young people who come seeking asylum and their families left behind.

A group of friends gather on stage.
Ringing phones demand attention, interrupting from their other lives.
A classroom back Home, first day of term.
Whispers spread that a student is missing.
In a dusty market, a girl weighs her mother’s gold jewellery to sell.

With no safety net, no right to work and debts to pay, how do they focus on building a future?  When it’s a choice between going to college or earning money, what gives? How much human potential is compromised by Britain’s ever-tightening hostile environment?  This brand new play from Phosphoros Theatre encapsulates the radical joy and skilful storytelling that sees the company resist dominant and reductive media headlines. Vibrant, revealing, curious and bold, Tender shines a light on one of the most pressing issues of our time.


Main House


Time: 7.30pm
Age guidance: 12+

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Tender (2024) Trailer


Abel Atsede

Ibrahim Chibou

Ismael Mohammed

Klevina Moriqi

Sara Zeus

Pre-show Scratch evening

Join us for an inspiring evening as part of a series of events organized by DT Community! Tonight’s performers are members of DRS (Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity) – Carol Fieldhouse, Dlivan Salih, Yasir Taha, and Dawit Abraham.

The DRS Music Group provides a welcoming space for musicians arriving in Derby to connect with the local music scene and explore performance opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced musician or new to making music, everyone is invited to join in.

Members of DRS have showcased their talents solo and collaboratively at various venues in and around Derbyshire, including Holocaust Memorial Events, Derby Refugee Week events, Derby CAN World Music Day, DerbyVision, and more.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the diverse talents and stories of these incredible performers.