FLIBBERTIGIBBET Theatre presents

The Farmer and the Clown

Adapted from the book by Marla Frazee

Wed 28 Feb, 2024 Archive
The Farmer and The Clown is a story of unexpected friendship told through physical comedy, dance and performed with an original live soundtrack by JOW.

An old hard-working farmer lives alone. One day, a baby clown accidentally bounces off a passing circus train and is left in the middle of nowhere, separated from family and friends. A little reluctantly at first, the farmer takes the clown in. As time passes, they discover that by being with each other, they find something new in themselves.

Flibbertigibbet Theatre has adapted this charming picture book into a new wordless play for all ages.


Normanton Library


Time: 4:30 pm
Performance duration: 1 hour

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The Farmer and the Clown - Trailer