Derby Dishes (Entertainment) Call Out

Derby CAN and the Museum of Making are looking for local talent and creative people to be part of an evening of entertainment and creativity alongside a 3 course meal as part of the Departure Lounge festival with In Good Company.

What is ‘Derby Dishes‘?

Derby Dishes will serve up a wonderful evening of eclectic food and entertainment this July, where Derby will host 70 artists, academics and creatives from across Europe as part of Departure Lounge; and who better to master up a marvellous menu to offer to our guests than the creative and culinary communities of Derby.


Each course of food served at the Derby Dishes event we will be paired with a side dish of entertainment. Derby CAN is searching for local talent, creatives and community groups to entertain and showcase their talent. This evening event will also be programmed as part of the Departure Lounge festival organised by In Good Company and Derby Theatre.

Are you a community dance group? Do you knit or crochet? Can you lead a small participation activity with 100 people? Maybe you craft jewellery? Do you sing? Do you perform stand-up? Whatever your talent, we want to hear from you!

We expect up to 100 attendees at this event who will be seated at round tables of 10 people per table. – Think about how you will engage with each individual and encourage small scale participation.

Derby CAN will pay the selected applications £100 plus on top of the fee cover any cost of physical materials you need for your act on the evening. So, please let us know the cost of any expenses in your application (if any.)

Derby CAN and the Museum of Making will then gather all entries and the community steering group will choose a selection to happen on the evening.

How To Apply

To apply, please…

  • Send a photo of you/your group.
  • Send a video, recording or show reel of your act.
  • Send a list of materials you may need to perform your act and a total cost.
  • Send a short description about why you do what you do and/or how the group started.

ALL suitable submissions will also be featured in the Derby Dishes cook book!
Please note any information you submit including photos, links, social media and email addresses will be published in the book. Please read the application form and let us know if you do not want your entree to be published.

We will be highlighting all food and creative entries (even if not successful to perform on the night) so please be aware that your submission and photo will be published as part of this book when you apply.

BE CREATIVE! – We want to show a diverse range of co-created activities, talent and creativity to inform, entertain and inspire!

Please email derbycan@derby.ac.uk with ‘Derby Dishes Entertainment in the subject line.

Please let us know if you would like to chat about this call out or have any access requirements/need this information in a different format and we will be happy to help.

Deadline: Monday 12 June

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Derby Dishes

Derby CAN is looking for delicious and diverse dishes that represent you, the people of Derby and your stories behind them!

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