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Puppet Theatre Tutorial 5 – How To Film Your Creation

Published Monday 6th July 2020
In the fifth and final video, watch how to create a short film using your puppet theatre, set pieces, props and puppets.

You Will Need: 

  1. A phone or camera that can record video
  2. Your puppet theatre
  3. Your puppets
  4. Your set pieces
  5. Other props you might for your story

Setting Up

Puppet Theatre - Filming - Setting Up

– When filming the action in your puppet theatre, use a flat surface. A table where you can stand behind your puppet theatre is ideal!

– Lay out your puppets and props on each side of your puppet theatre.

– Puppets and props appearing from the left should be placed on the left, those appearing from the right, placed on the right.

– Other appearing puppets and props can also be placed behind your puppet theatre.

Getting Ready To Film

Puppet Theatre - Filming - Getting Ready To Film

– Position your device (camera or phone) in front of the puppet theatre on the flat surface.

– Use a tripod or lean it up against something sturdy so it doesn’t wobble.

– Check what you can see through the camera before you start filming to make sure everything can be seen

– Roll your sleeves up.

– If you have long hair you might want to tie that back too.

– Rehearse: have a practice, film it and watch it back, then you can see what works and what doesn’t, and change things until it is right.

Filming Guidelines

Puppet Theatre - Filming - Guidelines

– Make sure you film your creations in LANDSCAPE

– Make sure just your Puppet Theatre box is in shot, backgrounds distract from the action, and we want all eyes on your show!

– Keep your head, shoulders and face out of frame!

– Make sure the light is in front of your puppet theatre box: daylight usually works very well.

– Have fun!

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