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The Bone Sparrow KS3 Education Pack

Published Thursday 19th May 2022
A resource pack aimed at educators who are teaching The Bone Sparrow novel by Zana Fraillon within KS3 English and PSHE curricula.

This pack accompanies the Pilot Theatre production of The Bone Sparrow, touring in 2022.

Resource pack written by Imrana Mahmood
Edited by Oliver O’Shea
Designed by Sam Johnson

Original Novel by Zana Fraillon
Adapted by award winning playwright S. Shakthidharan

Featured Show - The Bone Sparrow

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  • Synopsis
  • Characters
  • Themes & Topics: Sanctuary-Seekers, Detention centres, Stories & Storytelling, Friendship, Imagination, Deprivation
  • The Rohingya Crisis
  • Exercises
  • Activism & Social Change
  • Resources & Links