Ad Infinitum presents

Beautiful Evil Things

By George Mann & Deb Pugh

Sat 1 Jun, 2024 Archive
Beautiful Evil Things is a high-energy one-woman show from Ad Infinitum, combining physical storytelling with cut-throat wit.

What if there was another take on the Trojan War, an untold breathtaking adventure you’d never heard before?

Enter Medusa. She was there.

Monstrous gorgon? Snakes for hair? A turn-to-stone glare? Perhaps. But she was there – as a bodiless head strapped to the shield of a goddess. Her forever-open-eyes saw it all: Epic combat. Mighty swords. Giant horse-sculptures filled with men. But as the war raged on, Medusa’s petrifying gaze focused on three extraordinary women who might just hold the key to her ultimate hope.

Coming hot on the heels of their multi award-winning hit Odyssey, this is an acerbically comic, thrilling and poignant show.


Main House


Time: 7:30pm
Performance duration: 75 minutes (no interval)
Age guidance: 12+
Advisories: Contains references to violence, sexual violence & death.


Beautiful Evil Things Trailer



Deb Pugh



George Mann & Deb Pugh

Deviser & Co-Composer

Deb Pugh


George Mann

Set & Costume Designer

Katie Sykes

Sound Designer & Co-Composer

Sam Halmarack

Lighting Designer

Ali Hunter

Associate Director

Megan Vaughan Thomas

BSL Interpreter

Kyra Pollitt


Nir Paldi