Your Chance Productions present


A play by Alan Ayckbourn

Fri 30 Jun – Sat 1 Jul, 2023 Archive
Alan Ayckbourn’s Social Comedy, 5 interlinking one act plays that demonstrate an astute observation of people, society and the chaos that small town gossip can cause.

Meet the mother, whose only human contact is with her young children while her husband tries to seduce young women in a bar and an angry waiter tries to keep smiling while relationship drama unfolds around himA council woman gets lost in the mud at the village fair where more than one secret gets revealed and five strangers meet one Sunday afternoon in the park, desperately seeking solitude while craving companionship. 

Mother Figure: A mother of 3 small children, struggles with how to act around grown-ups when her neighbours come round, bringing with them their own drama, will she finally crack, or will she manage the awkward situation as only a mother can? 

Drinking Companions: A sleazy businessman on a trip tries to seduce 2 unsuspecting women at a hotel bar but doesn’t realise who he’s dealing with. Will he be successful, or will he be left stumbling? 

Between Mouthfuls: A nice romantic dinner in a restaurant turns into a heated argument as 2 couples realise that their relationship isn’t all they thought it was. As the lies unravel will they be able to repair the damage before dessert?   

Gosforth’s Fete: A small village fair goes horribly wrong when rain pours down, kids run wild, machinery breaks, and a technical error means a deep secret is revealed. Can the organisers locate the missing brass band and get everything set up without losing the important guest?  

A Talk in the Park: 5 strangers visit the park on a Sunday afternoon, each person is caught up in their own lives, and drama, craving companionship, while seeking solitude. Can they get over their own petty dramas to see the bigger picture or will they just continue in an endless circle until sunset? 




Time: 7:30pm & 2:30pm
Performance duration: 2 hours
Age guidance: 12+
Advisories: Contains adult themes