University of Derby Second Year Applied Theatre Arts presents

Bretevski Street

Sat 11 Feb, 2023 Archive
Two young boys, Vas and Cormac, are neighbours - best friends. They have shared stories, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

They have grown up listening to Cormac’s grandmothers’ stories of the old wars and past battles between the Samacs and the Bretevs.  But now the sounds of celebration and fireworks are replaced by the distant rumble of guns.  Family, loyalty and old friendships are torn apart by the conflicts of old, reborn in civil war.

Bretevski Street sympathetically and comically explores the delicate issues of race, discrimination, refugees and betrayal for young audiences.

Performance followed by a short post-show Q&A.




Time: 3:00pm
Performance duration: 55 minutes
Age guidance: 10+


Written by

Lin Coghlan

Original Music by

Ivan Stott

Bretevski Street explores issues around war and refugees.  This is an undergraduate theatre arts student production.  It is a pay what you think performance. Please use the donation button below to make a contribution to Derby Theatre as a Theatre of Sanctuary.

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